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Winter Wonderland?

It’s been that kind of a day already.  I woke up to a text from daughter #1 saying that she’d had a panic attack in the night.  Went back to sleep briefly and woke up to a text from the ex-husband saying it would be a good day to stay off the roads. Great advice except that someone has to get daughter #1 to work for 10 this morning and it’s Friday and my evening job is delivering pizza!!!!  The worse the weather, the busier we are and Fridays are always busy anyway.

More about that later, I guess.

The truth is, we don’t get a lot of snow here in the Comox Valley.  We prefer to see it on our mountains.  (Fun Fact: During the 2010 Vancouver Olympics when Whistler didn’t have enough snow, some was taken from our local ski hill.)  When I was a kid, a mere inch of snow was enough to close school. I know, I know. .. This IS Canada and most of us have lived somewhere ridiculously cold and where snow accumulations are much higher than they usually are here. Still, we prefer to measure our snowfall on Mount Washington and not so much on the ground outside our homes and many of us moved here to get away from snow.  We live on the edge of Canada’s only rainforest, so we are accustomed to a LOT of rain.  In fact, this year we have been setting records.

There isn’t anything we can do about the weather, but it has definitely been frustrating my efforts to blog about what do do around the valley and the island.  Higher than usual tides combined with a lot of rain caused a lot of flooding and a tendency to stay at home when not actually working or doing something of equal importance.  It seems I will be required to dig deeper or to post about past experiences to keep things moving along here at She has Wanderlust.


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