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Waiting Out the Storm

English Note

To wait something out – Idiomatic Phrase

to wait until something ends. “I will wait the summer out, and if nothing happens, I’ll write again.”  “I can wait out the storm inside.”  

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2016 has not been my year

To explain this year, I have to kind of go back and talk about 2015, a year of mixed feelings, excitement and major highs and lows.  It was the year I finally went to South Korea, the year my marriage ended, the year I met my Pinoy boy online and flew to the Philippines to meet him and his family.  It was a crazy, horrible, and wonderful year.

2016 started with me getting a job at a local bakery/cafe which was somewhere I thought I really wanted to work.  The boss had great lines about how things worked and everything he said was in-line with the kind of workplace I wanted to be in.  The wage was not great and no tips, but it was worth it for a healthy work environment, I thought.  Only he did not tell the whole truth.  The boss, himself, is a highly critical and sometimes abusive man.  It was not a good fit for me at all.  I got to the point where I felt sick when I had to go to work.  Still, I stuck it out for most of the year.  In the summer, I tried doing some childcare but quickly found out that the families I met were ready to take advantage of  me for little pay and crazy schedules.  Discouraged, I went back to the bakery/cafe.  Things were still pretty bad. The owner was pitting staff members against one another.  We got around it by communicating openly with one another.  He told another staff member that he didn’t like it when staff members talked to one another…


In August, I was hired to work at a local pharmacy.  I really wanted this job and I tried to fit in even though I have a food service background and retail jobs make me feel like I am drowning.  I was a zombie trying to do school, learn a new job and be a half decent single mom.  Seven weeks in, I have been fired with no explanation and my coworkers seem as baffled with the situation as I am.

This brings me to today. Weather forecasters have been spending the last few days telling us of doom and gloom, of a typhoon that was dying out over the Pacific, but picked up speed on the jet stream and is heading straight for us.  This is to be the third in a series of storms that has already knocked out power to many, flooded others and killed one boy. A ferry was stranded yesterday waiting for better weather.  Imagine how those passengers felt!

Yet, there is nothing we can do about it.  Just like the circumstances of life.  I have been fighting my situation for so long now, and I really feel that this storm is a metaphor for my life.  That I need to learn to wait and see what happens.  I must be prepared for the worst case scenario, but not spend all of my time agonizing over it.  This is an ongoing battle.  I am a natural born worrier.  I need to learn to do better.  The thing is, I’m not alone.  I have friends and family who love me. I have faith in a God who cares. I need to learn to reach out them and I need to learn to be at peace with a situation even when I feel like panicking.  I can’t stop the storm. I can only wait it out.

Is there a storm in your life which you are waiting out?


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