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Con Dreams and Travel Nightmares – A Rambling Post

Lately I dream an awful lot about flying, or about being in an airport and missing my flight.  I’ve booked a flight at the wrong time once and didn’t realize until I got to the airport.  Let me tell you THAT was absolutely NO fun.  It was a flight from my small town in Vancouver Island to Vancouver where I would catch a flight to the Philippines. I had to figure out what to do very quickly and ended up calling a friend who sped to the ferry in Nanaimo (usually an hour from here) where I walked on, paid the exorbitant cab fare to the airport and made my flight.  Needless to say, this is not something I appreciate experiencing in my sleep, either.  Dream experts seem to have a lot to say about dreaming about travel and I’m inclined to believe them. I’m going through massive life changes and I can definitely feel that my dreams are telling me something.

My daughter has been having Con nightmares. Convention nightmares where she has not packed the right components of her costume, or is missing something crucial, perhaps like shoes.  She has a ton on her mind as she and her best friend coordinate their costumes.  Me, I just have to deal with all the logistics of international travel.  And, while we go to the US often enough, it IS still international travel and we need passports and I always carry ridiculous amounts of confirmation numbers etc, even though I should probably be saving them all in my phone. There MUST be an app for that, right?

Every Easter weekend, with the exception of one year when we cruised with my mother, we have gone to Seattle, WA for Sakura Con, the largest anime convention in the northwest.   After the coldest winter in 40 years, we are ready for some spring fun!  Today, I will go to work for eight hours, come home and throw all the things in the car and head to Victoria for a late check in at a small motor inn.  This weekend is never restful or relaxing, but we get something out of it, obviously, because we are going yet again.

This trip will be my first experience with AirBnB and my first time taking the Blackball Ferry to Port Angeles.  I will try to document those experiences for those who may be interested.  Also, I will try to take photos of the many cool things to see at the con and in Seattle.  This is something I need to work on, though. I tend to be “in the moment” and forget to take enough photos.

Sooo.  Until tomorrow!

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