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to my little corner of the internet.  My daughter and I love to travel, but money is limited. It occurred to us one day that we live in this amazing place, but there are so many things we have not done right here in the Comox Valley, on Vancouver Island, in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada.  We decided to start ticking some of those things off a list and to blog about them for other backyard tourists or people who come from other communities, provinces, or countries to visit this lovely area.  She Has Wanderlust was born from that idea.  With input from friends and family, I hope to make this a blog that people will enjoy and I hope to be able to get to know people from around the world.

In 2015, I visited South Korea and left my heart there…

Enjoying barbecue in Korea with classmates

Enjoying barbecue in Sinchon with classmates

I am primarily a mom, English major, and an ESL tutor struggling to get by since the break up of my marriage.  I have worked as a server in a sushi place, a barista and a pizza delivery girl in recent years.  Glamorous life, I know.   😉


Languages are another passion of mine.  I often feel I have barely mastered even my native tongue, yet I love the sound and feel of others. My girls are pretty much grown up, but they still live with me and we are close.  We attend Sakura Con in Seattle every Easter weekend and it is a highlight of our year.  As you can guess, having a narrow focus blog is not going to work for me, so I will ramble on about work, life, travel, and relationships here as well, but will always bring it back to travel and local communities and sights.

At the Lotte Family Music Festival in Korea.

At the Lotte Family Music Festival in Korea.